With a nationwide footprint of over 2200 skilled Installation Technicians, AEI business partners enjoy professionally managed installation services from point of sale scheduling through post installation satisfaction surveys. Be it a small residential installation project, digital signage in a small business, or a large, fully managed commercial installation deployment, AEI will handle all with the same professionalism that has made us the most trusted installation provider in the country.

At AEI Inc. we want to develop a working partnership to understand the customer contact challenges our clients face on a daily basis. By immersing ourselves in our clients customer service processes, we hope to identify the operational obstacles that prevent them from realizing their ideal working model, and make cost effective suggestions toward alternative processes that would free them to concentrate on the growth and profitability. Often these new processes expose many other revenue generating opportunities. Read More

Customer support is a 24/7/365 challenge and many businesses provide adequate service during hours convenient to them. AEI can help our clients provide unsurpassed support to their customers in a seamless, transparent fashion that will drive a deeper feeling of consumer confidence and consequent loyalty. Our programs and processes will change and adapt as our clients needs change to meet the ever changing demands of this competitive world. Read More


  • Total DirecTV Dealer Support Services
  • Turnkey Customer Service Solutions
  • Residential, Commercial and MDU Installation Services
  • White Glove Television Delivery, Set-Up and Installation Services
  • Wall Mount Television Installation
  • Home Theatre Installation
  • TV Calibration Services
  • Convergent Device Set-Up and Configuration
  • Home Security Installation
  • Digital Signage Installation

Satellite Entertainment Dealers

AEI Inc and our strategic partners have over 20 years working with independent satellite television dealerships in live transfer sales conversions, scheduling installations, technician satisfaction surveys, appointment and installation confirmation, order processing, referral programs, customer service and probation report maintenance.

This experience, with over 2,200 trained representatives, is now available to provide the independent satellite dealership the opportunity to have the sales and customer retention efficiency of the largest dealers in the country. Increase sales and reduce your customer churn today!


Our surveys are customized for each client specific to their industry.

These surveys have been proven to reliably uncover:

  • Immediate additional business.
  • Increased Profits
  • Day-to-day activities that can be easily improved upon.
  • What customers value most about their supplier.
  • Where additional sales opportunities exist.
  • Strategic business opportunities needing to be engaged.


Inbound Services
Our inbound call center solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Outbound Services
Our outbound contact services can be customized to accomplish many tasks. From customer satisfaction surveys to membership renewals and cross selling, customer contact is essential to the success of your business.

Marketing Services
AEI Inc. offers a range of programs that can take sales to the next level or increase revenue generated from existing programs. Call us today to discuss how we can help you reach your customers more effectively and attain your sales goals.

Membership Services

With proper customer contact, we can keep your membership growing.

Don’t let memberships expire and stay stagnant. Our trained representatives can help you with renewals and increase memberships with referral programs.